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CoupleCARE is a unique program offering psychologists, counselors and educators the tools to help couples strengthen their relationship through evidence based relationship education or to aid therapy with mildly distressed couples. It is effective with couples via traditional face-to-face delivery or in a flexible delivery mode in the privacy of their own home via telephone, online chat, or video call support.

With flexible delivery, couples complete the program in their own time, booking review sessions with their practitioner at mutually convenient times. Using a professionally developed DVD presentation divided into 6 separate units, the couple watch 15- to 20-minute segments introducing key ideas about successful relationships and demonstrating crucial relationship skills. The couple then follow a mix of individual and couple activities described in their own guidebooks to apply the ideas to their relationship, completing relevant sections in their guidebooks as they progress. The couple then reviews their work with the practitioner by phone, online or in person.

Thoroughly evaluated and developed over 30 years of marriage and couple relationship research, CoupleCARE has already helped over 25,000 couples build and maintain a better relationship, helping themselves and their families. CoupleCARE enriches a couple's relationship by helping them to:

• assess their relationship strengths and vulnerabilities
• define the relationship they want
• develop key relationship skills
• identify individual actions to strengthen their relationship.

The program has been evaluated in eight randomized controlled trials to date, all of which have been published in major international journals. These trials show that CoupleCARE helps couples learn crucial relationship knowledge and skills, and helps them sustain long-term relationship satisfaction.

CoupleCARE is designed using adult learning principles. Importantly couples are NOT taught to behave in particular ways.  Instead couples are encouraged to reflect and choose their own relationship enhancement goals, and to be active in choosing what is important to them in a relationship.

The 2017 Edition of CoupleCARE — developed in collaboration with Relationships Australia, a not-for-profit leading provider of relationship support services — incorporates the very latest research, a brand new professionally directed high quality DVD video guide, and newly designed couple guidebooks. The Educator’s Manual now includes a copy of the DVD inside the back cover, a complete copy of the CoupleCARE Couple Guidebook as an appendix, as well as an overview of the program, suggestions on how to make it work most effectively, a semi-structured intake interview template, and detailed suggestions on how to conduct the program in flexible delivery mode. Couple guidebooks and the DVD can be purchased separately by the practitioner or the couple themselves from the publisher’s webstore at

This website also functions as a referral site for couples seeking a CoupleCARE practitioner.





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