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CoupleCARE Counsellor List

Relationship Enhancement for 21st Century Couples

Use the list below to find an appropriate CoupleCARE provider, or contact a marriage or relationship counsellor in your area and refer them to www.couplecare.info.

[Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any provider, but simply a list of providers who are using the program at present and have agreed to be included in the list free of charge.]


Queensland, Australia

Relationships Australia (Qld)
Over 35 locations across the state.
One of Australia’s largest community-based organisations providing relationship support to people regardless of age, religion, gender, cultural or economic background. Relationships Australia is committed to enhancing the lives of communities, families and individuals and supporting positive and respectful relationships. We provide family support services to nearly 90,000 Australians per year.
PHONE: 1300 364 277
EMAIL: http://www.raq.org.au/contact
WEBSITE: http://www.raq.org.au/venues

Assure Programs
Brisbane QLD
Our experienced psychologists provide services across a number of locations in the Brisbane area including the CBD. Our psychology team has a wide range of expertise and post-graduate qualifications in clinical and counselling psychology. We understand that everyday problems such as relationship troubles can seriously affect your life, and aim to equip people with the skills needed to function better and to prevent difficulties. Our psychologists are recognised for their thoughtful, caring approach.
PHONE: 07 3876 6611
EMAIL: info@assureprograms.com.au

Dr Karina Bate MAPS, psychologist
Brisbane QLD 4011
Karina is a Clinical and Health Psychologist specialising in anxiety, mood and eating disorders, perinatal/infant mental health, physical conditions and life transitions (e.g., grief, trauma, parenting). Karina examined the delivery of CoupleCARE through her Doctoral research and offers CoupleCARE through face-to-face or flexible delivery Skype formats at Walters Green Clinical Psychology Practice. WGCPP offers a high-quality comprehensive service encompassing Clinical, Clinical Neuropsychology and Developmental Psychology. Consultant Psychiatrists are based at the Practice. All Psychologists have Doctoral-level training in Clinical Psychology.
PHONE: 07 3263 5903
FAX: 07 3862 4596
EMAIL: karina@wgcpp.com
WEBSITE: http://www.wgcpp.com

Brisbane South Community Care – Counselling and Support
(Formerly Citipoint Transformation)
Mansfield, Brisbane QLD 4122
A not-for-profit organisation with a desire to provide skilled and affordable help to meet the needs of the families and individuals of the community through counselling, life skill training, personal development groups, and courses relating to such issues as behaviour management, parenting, communication and relationship satisfaction.  
Our counsellors are skilled in the areas of: Family, Relationships, Men’s and women’s issues, Children – art/sand play therapy, Adolescents, Depression, Anxiety, Grief and loss, Eating disorders, Sexual brokenness.
PHONE: 07 3347 5856
EMAIL: community@bscc.org.au
WEBSITE: http://www.citipointe.com.au/content/blogcategory

Mr Charles Farrugia MAPS, psychologist (B.Psch, M.App.SocSc.)
70 Enoggera Terrace, Red Hill, Brisbane QLD 4059
I provide couple and individual therapy in areas including relationship enhancement and resolution of individual and couple difficulties.
I work with clients to identify and use core skills to help them resolve the day-to-day issues that can cause dissatisfaction for themselves, their partners, friends and families. Through the use of the CoupleCARE program, over 6-7 sessions, couples can enhance their relationship skills and work towards more satisfying relationships with the important people in their lives. Hours are Saturday 9:30am – 5:00pm PHONE: 0418 770 397

Elizabeth Moore, psychologist (B Psych, M Clin Psych)
Gold Coast, QLD
I co-wrote the CoupleCARE program with my colleagues at Griffith University and was co-ordinator of the first CoupleCARE trial. I have also co-trained new providers of CoupleCARE.  I regularly use CouplCARE in my private practice where I also provide CBT-based couples therapy, individual therapy and parenting skills enhancement training.
PHONE: 0417003855
EMAIL: lizm1234@gmail.com

James Brown, Bulimba Psychology
Bulimba, QLD, 4171
I am a counselling and clinical psychologist working with individuals and families. When working with couples I aim to help them improve their communication skills, enhance their feelings of fondness and admiration, and better manage conflict. I offer couple counselling in face-to-face sessions incorporating the principles of CoupleCare and other likeminded programs, or I am able to provide support to couples who undertake the CoupleCare program in their own home.
PHONE: (07)38991455
EMAIL: info@bulimbapsychology.com.au

Women's Psychological Services
Birkdale, QLD
Ingeborg Vriend, B.Soc.Sc., BA(Hon)., MA., MAPS., is a psychologist with experience in clinical assessment, treatment, counseling, and group therapy. Ingeborg has specific interest in women's and children's issues, including: Domestic Violence issues on contact between separated parents,Stress reaction during court procedures,anxiety and depression management.
PHONE: 0412866612
EMAIL: ingeborgvriend@me.com

Diana Bothams, psychologist
Springwood, QLD
Di is a registered psychologist who has worked extensively with clients wanting to make positive changes in their lives. Her work has a counselling/coaching focus: helping individuals and couples to identify and communicate key values and to develop strategies to make their relationships happier and more fulfilling.
EMAIL: dbothams@optusnet.com.au

Isla Gillespie, psychologist
Clontarf, QLD
Isla is a registered psychologist who bulk bills most of her appointments through Medicare. She has worked extensively with people wanting the very best from their relationships. Her work has involved coaching and counselling: helping singles identify key values as a foundation for new relationships as well as working with those who are currently in a great relationship and want to make it even stronger, happier and closer.
PHONE: 0419 378 639
EMAIL: isla@purpleapples.com.au
WEBSITE: www.purpleapples.com.au

Victoria, Australia

Dr Christopher Fo,x Sex & Relationship Therapist
East Melbourne (3002) & Frankston (3199), VIC
Dr Christopher Fox is a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist with over 20 years experience. His specialises in psychosexual isseus as wella s relationships issues.
PHONE: 0438 422 759
EMAIL: info@sexlifetherapy.com.au
WEBSITE: www.sexlifetherapy.com.au

Ms Cheryl Leber, Psychologist
Caulfield South VIC 3162
I provide therapy for couples and individuals, with sessions focusing on counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, interpersonal psychology and schema therapy.  My aim is to help clients gain control of their lives and develop improved communication and problem solving skills within a short time of 5 to 9 sessions. Hours are Mon: Thurs 7:30pm – 9:30pm, Thurs-Fri: 10:00am – 5:00pm, Weekend appointments by arrangement.     
PHONE: 03 9578 7655
EMAIL: Cheryl.Leber@gmail.com
WEB CONTACTS: www.goodtherapy.com.au/counselling_and_guidance

Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Dr Pam Connor, Registered Psychologist
Belconnen, ACT 2616
I work with couples to improve communication, increase connection and regulate conflict. I also offer a mediation session to clients. After-hours appointments only are available: 6.00pm – 9.00pm Monday to Wednesday, 9.00am – 6.00pm Saturdays.
PHONE: 0417452365 or 02 6251 5692
EMAIL: pam.connor@bidpond.com


California, USA

Cheryl LaBarre, Marriage Motivator & Relationship Coach
Laguna Niguel, California, USA
I work with couples to improve communication, increase connection and regulate conflict.  I offer classes and office appointments to those living locally, but work primarily with couples via phone and email using programs such as CoupleCARE, thereby reducing the time and energy necessary to accomplish couple’s goals.
Phone: 949-443-3820
EMAIL: cheryl@marriagemotivator.com
WEBSITE: http://www.marriagemotivator.com

Montana, USA

Jana Staton, PhD, LCPC
Missoula, Montana, USA
I provide relationship skills education for all couples, from dating to long-married, including PREP workshops (See website for current schedule). Private counseling for couples and individuals is also available at my office in Missoula. For couples in isolated areas, I am now offering the CoupleCare program, either through telephone coaching, or a combination of telephone and office visits.
Phone:  406-543-9491
EMAIL: mwlc@montana.com
WEBSITE: http://www.MarriageWorksMontana.com

Wisconsin, USA

Arthur T. Foster
Adams, Wisconsin, USA
Phone:  608-547-4227
EMAIL: artfoster49@earthlink.net

Utah, USA

Jeffrey Larson, PhD
Provo, Utah, USA
I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (in Utah), a Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Brigham Young University, and teach a couples therapy course.
Phone: 801-422-2344
EMAIL: jeffrey_larson@byu.edu
WEBSITE: http://mft.byu.edu

Jennifer Baldwin
Bountiful, Utah, USA
I have a Bachelors Degree in Marriage Family, & Human Development from Bringham Young University and have taken multiple couples through the CoupleCare program.

Phone: 801-830-0933
EMAIL: j.baldwin1222@gmail.com

Ashlee Fullmer
Utah County,
Utah, USA
I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development, from Brigham Young University. As I have assisted couples for several years I have found it life changing and wonderful to see the improvement one discussion, one person, and one relationship can make toward life's pursuit of happiness! My goal is to assist that process in each couple I work with.

Phone: 801-636-9733
EMAIL: ashleefullmer@gmail.com

Tara Przybyla
Provo, Utah, USA
My goal as an educator is to promote healthy relationships and satisfying marriages by providing the CoupleCARE materials—to personalize it for each unique couple, to successfully bring about that self-directed change, and to efficiently teach the skills implemented in the manual lessons.

Phone: 801-678-9234
EMAIL: saria4u@juno.com

Suzanne Hamm
Provo, Utah, USA
Specifically trained in the CoupleCARE program, I provide assistance in meeting goals generated by the Couple CARE videos and assisting couples to think about what they have learned from the program.

Phone: 707-327-7558

Trevor Dahle
Provo, Utah, USA
I studied Family Studies at Brigham Young University including extensive coursework in couple relations. Through the CoupleCARE program we can help you and your partner strengthen and enhance your relationship.

Phone: 801-472-4077
EMAIL: trevorddahle@gmail.com

Mallory Jane Meyer
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
I provide CoupleCARE to couples in all stages of life--dating, engaged, and married couples--and work hard to maximize the usefulness of the program by tailoring it to the unique needs of each unique couple that I work with.

Phone: 801-550-8637
EMAIL: mmeyer.mft@gmail.com

Chelsea Bennett
Sandy, Utah, USA
Phone: 801-815-1719
EMAIL: bennettchelsea@gmail.com









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