Want to improve your relationship
in the privacy of your own home?

Do you desire a better relationship for you and your partner, but are reluctant to attend individual or group counseling because of concerns over privacy or inconvenience?

Then CoupleCARE can help.

Following the CoupleCARE program in your own home in your own time with telephone, online chat, or video call support from a professional relationship educator, counsellor or therapist will help you and your partner decide what is best for your relationship and how you can both achieve it You will develop key strategies and practical skills to enrich and strengthen your relationship for now and into the future.

Thoroughly evaluated and developed over 30 years of marriage and couple relationship research, CoupleCARE is a unique program that has already helped over 25,000 couples build and maintain a better relationship, helping themselves and their families.

Using a professionally directed and friendly DVD presentation on crucial relationship skills, you and your partner follow a mix of individual and couple activities, filling in sections of your Couple Guidebooks and reflecting back to your counselor as you progress.

CoupleCARE will help you and your partner decide what is best for your relationshsip and how you can both achieve it.

CoupleCARE enriches your relationship by helping you to:

• assess your relationship strengths and vulnerabilities

• define the relationship you want

• develop key relationship skills

• identify action to strengthen your relationship now.




To find out where to find a qualified CoupleCARE provider click on the "FOR COUPLES" link at the top of this page.

If you are a practitioner interested in using CoupleCARE with your clients click on the "FOR COUNSELING AND CLINICAL PROFESSIONALS " link at the top of this page.



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