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How to Buy         

CoupleCARE is available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand only from the publisher's webstore at Outside of Australia it is available from in the US. The materials making up the program are listed below with direct links to the AAP webstore and amazon buying page. Once you as practitioner have purchased the Educator's Manual you can either purchase guidebooks and DVDs on behalf of your clients as required or direct them to the AAP webstore to buy the materilas themselves.

CoupleCARE Educator’s Manual $145.00

International CoupleCARE Educator’s Manual US$95.00

The complete practitioner resource for CoupleCARE. This manual includes the CoupleCARE Video Guide DVD inside the back cover, a complete copy of the CoupleCARE Couple Guidebook as an appendix, as well as an overview of the program, suggestions on how to make it work most effectively, a semi-structured intake interview template, and detailed suggestions of how to conduct the program in flexible delivery mode.

CoupleCARE Couple Guidebook $29.95

International CoupleCARE Couple Guidebook US$25.06

To be used with the accompanying CoupleCARE Video Guide, this guidebook contains six chapters in which to record and practice what clients have learned.

CoupleCARE Video Guide $29.95

International CoupleCARE Video Guide US $24.95

To be used with the accompanying CoupleCARE Couple Guidebook, this DVD contains 6 Sessions helping clients to develop and practise new relationship skills.











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